Equipment Repair

Patriot Manufacturing Group specializes in heavy industrial equipment repair in a wide range of industries; including energy, steel, paper, food processing, transportation and more.  Our experienced staff will service the customer’s need efficiently while keeping costs and downtime to a minimum.   Our employee’s expertise in CAD design and reverse engineering along with our machining equipment provides the ability to manufacture replacement parts and components for making necessary repairs or replacements efficient and cost effective.


Refurbishing steel industry rolls, paper and packaging rolls, welded rolls, forged rolls, crane wheels, gearboxes, coil cars etc. Patriot Manufacturing Group specializes in restoring equipment to the original specifications.


* Crane capacity up to 50 tons.

Patriot Manufacturing Group specializes in reconditioning steel industry rolls, paper and packaging rolls, forged rolls and fabricated rolls.  With our weld cladding/weld overlay ability Patriot Manufacturing is able to take your damaged rolls and refurbish them back to the specifications you need in the most cost and time efficient way possible. 


No need to disassemble, let Patriot Manufacturing Group handle the complete repair.  Our team will disassemble, clean, inspect, repair or replace any roll components such as bearing housings, bearings and seals.  Providing our customers with a full inspection report of their assembly and returning the roll fully assembled and ready for operation.